We work in design phase with Architects to deliver flood defence solutions to both new builds and renovation projects.

The most streamlined projects are executed as a direct result of our early involvement during design phase with an Architect.

We are recognised for offering high quality consultation and bespoke flood defence design services.

Crucially, our consultation during the planning and design phase is underpinned with our continuous focus on subsequent construction elements of the required flood defences which arise from the planning process.

This holistic view upfront is imperative to ensure a seamless integration of our flood defences to site, as well as the most cost-effective and efficient delivery.

Related Case Studies

  • THE HOME OFFICE, UK Border Agency


    Lakeside Demountable Aluminium Flood Barriers;
    Lakeside Slimline Demountable Aluminium Flood Barriers
    Flood Barrier Accessories


    The barriers have been utilised in the last flood.
    On the 20th February 2022 the water reached 450mm above finished floor level and the building remained dry and operational

    Installation date

    February 2022.

  • Ace, Sandbanks, Poole


    Lakeside Demountable Aluminium Flood Barrier System, 900mm – 1500mm H.

    Bespoke project features

    Vertical wall-mounted storage units, Concealment of side
    posts within cladding, Joint inter-company working with both Architect and Main Contractor

    Installation date

    December 2016.

  • Luxury Marina Development, Ocean Village, Southampton


    9 Lakeside Demountable Aluminium Flood Barriers, 300 – 900mm H.

    Bespoke project features

    Bespoke cover plates; storage racks with accompanying Installation Reminder Sign.

    Installation date

    August 2017.


  • McCarthy & Stone

    Retirement Living Development, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire UK


    2 Lakeside Demountable Aluminium Flood Barriers, 1800mm H.

    Bespoke project features

    CAD drawings; project meeting attendance from design phase; product samples and technical advice.

    Installation date

    September 2017.


  • PWP Architects/Soho House

    PWP Architects/Soho House, Confidential Client UK


    Various 1.5m H and 900mm H barriers.

    Supporting Information Provided

    Initial site meeting and survey, product demonstration, bespoke ground works, bespoke pressing clamps and bespoke lockable cover plates for side posts.

    Installation date

    January 2016.


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