Sewage Defence

A range of automatic and manual measures to prevent backflow of sewage and rising water both inside and outside a property.

  • Non-Return Valves

    A simple and cost-effective solution to prevent backflow of sewage into a property.

    The valves are installed directly to the manhole and represent a passive measure; the valves automatically close to prevent the backflow of sewage through a downstairs toilet in a flood event.

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  • Backwater Valves

    A simple device used to prevent backflow through smaller waste water pipes such as kitchen sinks, downstairs showers, washing machines and dishwashers.

    The valves are installed directly to the pipe and represent a passive measure; the valves automatically close with rising water.

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  • Sump & Pump Systems

    A crucial flood defence solution for properties subject to flood water rising below ground.

    The submersible pump system is installed below ground to a bespoke sump. The pump has an integrated float switch which enables it to automatically switch itself on in the event of rising water, pumping water out and away from the premises via fixed discharge pipework.

    Unique Product Features:

    • Automatic activation with float switch
    • High output of 333 litres per minute
    • Suitable for dirty water; takes solids up to 35mm
    • Robust, double Stainless Steel housing

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  • Surface Water Pumps

    Often referred to as “Puddle Suckers”, surface water pumps are positioned outside on the ground surface during rising water to drain water away from the premises.

    A Surface Water Flood Pump is designed for draining surface water and flood water down to very low levels, to as low as 1mm.

    Manual or automatic pump options are available, all provided with a power cable and 10m lay-flat discharge hose (longer lengths available upon request).

    Various pump options to suit your requirement:

    • Automatic or manual operation
    • Pump water down to as low as 1mm
    • Outputs of up to 217 litres per minute
    • Compact design available with built-in, adjustable float switch

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  • Emergency Flood Pump Kits

    An emergency kit for pumping away surface water from a property, comprising a powerful Surface Water “Puddle Sucker” Pump with a range of hoses and self-inflating flood sacks.

    Discharge hoses are light, easy to position and have quick connections to enable fast deployment.

    Supplied in a sturdy easy-carry case.

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  • Toilet Bung

    A simple, inflatable device used to minimize sewage backflow through toilet when a Non-Return Valve cannot be fitted directly to the manhole pipe.

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