Brick Defence

A range of automatic and manual measures to prevent water ingress through air bricks and vent openings.

  • Anti-Flood Air Bricks

    An automatic, permanent flood protection solution. The Anti-flood Air Bricks use rising water to automatically shut off, inhibiting water ingress through the airbricks and therefore flooding underneath the property.

    However, the anti-flood air bricks are engineered to act like a standard air brick in normal weather conditions, ensuring unrestricted airflow underneath the property.

    Unique product features:

    • Automatic device
    • Permanently fitted
    • Floating valves to prevent water passing back through the airbrick
    • No mesh to restrict airflow which could cause damp and dry rot

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  • Vent Covers

    A rapid-deployment option for preventing water ingress to existing air vents.

    The vent cover only takes a few minutes to install, and effectively offers flood protection to low lying vents. All fixings are pre-installed to ensure the covers can be easily affixed to the wall when required.

    Unique product features:

    • Easy and quick to deploy
    • Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminium
    • Waterproof rubber ensures robust seal
    • Manufactured bespoke to any size

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